Originally, I wanted to do fashion as a child, I graduated from College of Fashion Design in Prague and left right after graduation. I understood that fashion is changing, no matter how timeless design, clothes wear out... It won't be here forever. I need something that will last for generations and will be passed on from mother to daughter and then to granddaughter. Something that has far more personal value. In addition, at the time when it is needed, gold jewellery can always be sold and so it also has a practical function of preserving another value.

 I have two directions of my work. I participate in the creation and overall development of the Thai brand Imprint. Clients in Asia generally love European historical styles, therefore their task is always to be inspired by Art Deco or Cubism. Cubism was very intense in Prague and is unique in Prague architecture. But as for my own work, under my own name - Anna Kristyna Sion, I tend to follow what I want to wear myself, so I have inspirations, including historical motifs, nature etc.

In the field of jewelry, my biggest achievement was definitely the Imprint crown so far. In 2017, Imprint and its owner, Ms. Naridtanan Palakavong Na Ayuthaya, invited me to design a crown for Miss Supranational Thailand. In these world competitions, it is still standard that the crown costs at least 20,000 Euros and is made of precious metals. We not only fulfilled this task, but also overcame it when we made a crown of rhodium-plated silver studded with almost 3,000 cubic zircons and three diamonds. The crown, inspired by Czech Cubism, weighs about 0.5 kg and consists of two parts - a large crown and a small tiara, which can be removed and worn separately and is usually gifted to the winner. The Grand Crown remains in competition to this day.