Naridtanan Palakavong Na Ayuthaya Ph.D. (Narid) is the CEO of CPM Capital Co., Ltd., a certified valuation and legal advisory company in Thailand with extensive experience in valuation, real estate market research, and more. She studied in France and Australia and has earned the title Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration. As her father’s oldest daughter, she was predestined to take over his real estate valuation company and continue his work, and in addition to this, Narid has also fulfilled her dream of being a designer. She established her own jewellery brand "IMPRINT" while awaiting the birth of a baby boy.

AKS: Lets start from the beginning … I believe our roots greatly influence our values and the goals we set. Your surname Na Ayuthaya is linked to Thailand’s oldest royal family: can you tell me more details about your family? Do you think that having this kind of background places more expectations on you? And does it somehow make you feel more responsible for what you do because you aren’t only representing yourself, but also the whole family?

Narid: Well, I personally think that this responsibility is really important in business dealings. And one of my most important personal goals is to live up to these expectations. 

AKS: I knew your father, and I understand that his legacy still is very important for you. He was a great character, and someone who started from zero and built his own successful business. He was also a very good people reader” and did a lot for his community, employees, and others. What was the most important and inspiring lesson he taught you? And what are you implementing in your own life that you learned from him?

Narid: My father was and remains a role model not only for me, but also for my family members and the people who worked with him. Since I was young, I always saw my father working very hard to make sure that people in our family had a good quality of life and education. His kindness and generosity were admired by those around him. He helped and supported his employees both financially and by helping them to attain higher educational degrees. He personally valued education than anything else, because he believed education stays with you for your whole life and leads you to many opportunities to become successful. Instead of giving me direct financial support he preferred to provide me with the best education possible.

AKS: You studied in Australia and also in Europe: it would be interesting to hear your perspective on Australian and European society and culture. Which countries did you visit? And what captured your attention there? 

Narid: I spent lots more time studying in Australia than in Europe, and the people’s lifestyle and cultures are quite different. In terms of lifestyle and fashion, European people tend to enjoy dressing up more fashionably –especially in France, the country where I studied as an exchange student, and where my inspiration in jewellery began. 



AKS: Now lets move to your baby – the IMPRINT jewellery brand. How did you end up establishing your own jewellery company? Was it a long-cherished dream, or an idea that occurred to you by accident?

Narid: I always had the dream of becoming a jewellery designer: IMPRINT is my passion, and the time I spend designing for IMPRINT are my happy hours. 

AKS: What is your philosophy and mission when creating jewellery?

Narid: I just wanted to create everyday jewellery that could inspire the wearer or could be a gift for people to show feelings to each other. With this thought, my first collection offered a ring with a hidden message.”

AKS: What are you proudest of in your jewellery career so far? 

Narid: Personalized products are receiving more positive feedback in the market and Personalized Message’ is the highlight of all the IMPRINT collections. We always offer the gimmick of a hidden message in our jewellery to make it more than just an ornament. Each year, we try to launch at least four collections, one in each quarter. Now, we have already produced 19 collections. 

AKS: I dont like to share my plans or dreams, so I understand if you dont want to share them either, but can you give us some little idea of what you would like to achieve in the jewellery business?

Narid: I plan to open more overseas branches and continue focusing on co-designing with foreign designers. This way of working is quite practical, as our brand will become recognised faster and gain credibility from our partners’ voices. 




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