Jewellery Care

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1. When not wearing our jewellery, keep them in an air tight storage or in a jewellery box.
2. Most of our jewellery can be worn while washing your hands or showering, but certain jewellery pieces especially those with natural gemstones can degrade under water. Therefore we recommend to remove those before showering.
3. Avoid wearing them in pools, hot tubs, see and oceans, rivers, lakes and ponds.
4. Keep them away from harsh chemicals such as perfume, sunscreen and hair spray. NEVER SPRAY PERFUMES OR HAIRSPRAY DIRECTLY ON THE JEWELLERY!
5. Remove jewellery before exercising or any manual work. High pressure can affect the shape of the jewellery and overtime can cause the fall out of stones.
6. Gently wipe with a polishing cloth (the same you use for sunglasses) to clean and shine as needed.
7. Clean with gentle soap and lukewarm water. Pat dry jewellery before storing or wearing them.
8. Keep sharp objects away from the jewellery.
9. The best care is to bring your jewellery every half a year to professional jeweler and get it cleaned and polished.
10. Once a year take your jewellery to the jeweler to check up any possible damages and the overall “health” of your jewellery piece. That prevents the piece from loosing stones and later regrets.
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